Sweet Memories of Lady Sophie

Today the community mourns the loss of a very special lady. I met Ms. Sophie in the spring of 2009 when she came to Miami for the Calypso Dreams premiere, but in such a short period of time, she had a great impact on me. She moved with such grace and ease. The moment I saw she and Supie coming out of the arrivals in the airport, she looked small and peaceful. As I came to know her over the week’s events, I quickly realized she had a spunk beyond words. We went shopping at Macy’s and sat by the boardwalk overlooking Miami’s Biscayne Bay for hours chatting about life and love. To remember this moment brings tears to my eyes to realize how much love she had in her heart to give. How simple and utterly beautiful that was. How much she understood Supie’s needs as a music man, as a man period. I learned so much from her in such a short period of time. For the experience of hosting them and having their lives touch the Miami community I am grateful.

I especially send condolences to the family and close friends of Supie and Sophie, including Geoffrey Dunn. My thoughts and prayers are with you. My spirit is flying with her on this day, and I hope yours is too.
Thank you Geoffrey for all your dedication and love for Calypso!

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