Online Archive continues Bob’s Legacy

Thirty years ago this week, the Legend Robert Nesta Marley was put to rest…

(February 6, 1945-May 11, 1981)

That same fateful day, Ms. M. Peggy Quattro started her journey in the reggae biz.  She has worked tirelessly to bring solid coverage, footage and documentation of just about every Reggae show to cross her path.

She recounts the stories and anecdotes of the artists and their recordings, shows, interviews, sightings, encounters, etc…at the drop of a hat.  (the book deal soon come!)

As she moves into the next phase with development of the Reggae Report Archive Project,  I congratulate her and commend her for her highest efforts as a devoted pioneer of Jamaica and Jamaican culture.

Reggae Report Archive

Be Part of Reggae History!

Magazines – Photos – Audio – Video – and more!

Long before the Internet, the award-winning Reggae Report was the #1 source for Reggae news and information.

Reggae Report Archive Projectofficially launches May 11 on!

Kickstarter is the premier “crowdfunding” project-pledging platform in the world. In order to be successful, please ask friends, fans, and family to support this project.  Please visit The Reggae Report Archive Kickstarter Project and share this link with everyone you know.  Chances are someone you know is a reggae fan, or they know someone who is.


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